Who We Are

We’re a group of young donors who grew tired of giving in old-fashioned ways. Galas feel out of touch, direct mail is never opened, and recurring charges to our credit cards feel empty.

So when we saw some of our favorite nonprofits struggling to connect with and retain donors our age, we jumped into creating a solution that would make sense to both us and nonprofits.

We created IfThen because we believe that nonprofits matter. At IfThen, we work hard to ensure that nonprofits are set up for long-term sustainability, anchored by meaningful relationships with their next big generation of donors. Our platform was designed to foster connection, meaningful engagement, and, most importantly, effective outcomes.

We want donors to know that their support, no matter how small, effects big change. We want nonprofits to know that their hard work earned donors’ support. We want to change the world in a big way, starting in your community.

What We Believe In


Transparency and openness


Mutual responsibility and accountability


Community building and localism; empowering organizations to make a difference on a micro and community level for the matters we care about on a macro and global level


Grassroots efforts and the ability of many small actions to create big outcomes

Why We Built IfThen

Because donors want to know how their
donations lead to real change in their
community, and want to know the details.

Because we believe in rewarding
transparency and responsibility.

Because nonprofits want to connect with
young donors, and need new ways to
communicate with them

Because we want to support local nonprofits
doing the hard, everyday work of fighting for
causes that matter.

Because we want a better, more engaging way to give.

IfThen is a product of Block Club Labs.

 Learn more
about Block Club, the branding and strategy agency behind IfThen.

Margaret Finan

Founder & CEO

Margaret Finan has been with IfThen since its inception, first as an idea of Block Club Labs, an employee-owned, in-house incubator at the branding and strategy agency Block Club. Margaret took the reigns and developed IfThen from the ground up, as its own independent, full-fledged company. Margaret's passion for local nonprofit organizations runs deep, but was cemented when, while studying psychology at NYU, she developed a rare and debilitating heart condition. In her recovery process, Margaret's experience underlined the profound importance of nonprofit organizations in her community—the vital safety nets they provide vulnerable populations and communities. Equally important to Margaret is the creation and cultivation of space for women in technology in the Buffalo Niagara region. With IfThen, Margaret continues her mission to bring other passionate donors and millennials to the table to make nonprofits' difficult, important jobs a little easier.

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